Serve and Support

At St Marks UMC, we “live” our VISION Statement:
St Marks UMC seeks to share a family of faith where church home means everyone and caring is a way of life.

Therefore, the opportunity and ability to serve and support is not limited to age or whether you are a visitor or member at St Marks UMC. All are encouraged to do so as they can.

Support and Serve

We use the Vision statement and the affirmation made when individuals decide to become members of the church, to faithfully participate in the church’s ministries by

  • our prayers,
  • our presence,
  • our gifts,
  • our service,
  • our witness.

There are many ways you can serve and support in the church, in the community and in the world, many of which you may not be consciously aware of. The definition of “community” is not specific to a zip code although geography is often considered when physical resources from individuals are needed as part of the service.

Did you know that liking to talk can be a gift because it allows you to “witness” or share your faith and its meaning for you with others while a person who is quiet may want to write or make signs or flyers or perform the many tasks involved in supporting programs and operations of the church?

When everything seems to “run so smoothly,” it is because volunteers like you are “present,” “working behind the scenes” and recruiting the help of others to make the experience as positive as possible for others.

Just a few of the ways love and care and service/support are expressed at St Marks:

  • the creative decorations for various events,
  • the great food that is ready when it is needed,
  • the expertise that allows us to take advantage of technology and audio-visual options,
  • the proactive maintenance of our buildings and grounds and trees,
  • the expertise to make repairs and create new spaces,
  • the extra touches of having bluebonnets available in our green space for everyone to enjoy as well as planting flowers to share beauty in our surroundings,
  • the time taken out of busy schedules to meet someone at the church or to volunteer to help with a project you did not organize,
  • taking pictures and video to document and share with others,
  • our voices raised in song and praise and witness,
  • teaching and learning from our children, Youth and adults of all ages,
  • praying and worshipping together,
  • mailing cards
  • a smile and an encouraging word as well as an offer of sympathy and caring for someone who is troubled,
  • financial support for operations and special programs,
  • …the list goes on….

Opportunities to serve at the church, in the community and in the world can be found throughout this website. You are encouraged to explore and ask questions about what feel you would like to do and how you can use your gifts and skills and passion for specific causes.

The committees, teams and small groups at St Marks are open to ideas about how our resources and time can be used to help others. Please talk to the Pastor and/or a Nominating Committee member such as Linda Fornero to learn about opportunities to serve in this capacity. Committees/teams vary in frequency of meetings, usually from monthly to quarterly. Requests and nominations for Committee or Team service are made in the Fall so that everyone can start in their new role at the beginning of the year.

Pray for God’s guidance as you “step out” to find how you can serve.